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Velos Ecosystem

Subscription Model
To gain access to VelosBot's valuable findings, users must hold a specific amount of our native tokens. This unique subscription model ensures an active and committed community while also bolstering the value and demand for our token. By holding our token, subscribers not only unlock VelosBot's powerful insights but also become integral stakeholders in our ecosystem.
Free Trial in the Initial phase
To showcase the capabilities of VelosBot, we're offering initial free access to everyone which we think will showcase our commitment to transparency and building trust. We believe that by allowing users to experience the bot's capabilities firsthand, they can better appreciate its value and potential. Moreover, it gives us a chance to demonstrate our genuine dedication to the project and build confidence within our community, and to also receive extensive user feedback an find potential bugs.
Features to Come - Auto Sniper with Revenue Share
We have already begun the development of an advanced auto-sniper for Velos launches. Each snipe will charge the user a small % fee, which will be shared among all the $VELOS token holders proportionally, further increasing demand for the native token. This development is in the early stages, but we will be communicating the development status to the community through our media platforms.
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