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Utilizing VelosBot: A Guide to Commands

Navigate through VelosBot’s capabilities using the following commands, ensuring you stay updated on the upcoming coin launches.
1. /start
2. /list
Objective: Display all imminent launches vetted by the VelosBot team. Note: For a detailed exploration, the /start command is recommended as /list provides a broader overview.
3. /search
Objective: Identify a specific coin by name. Usage: Input the exact coin name for accurate results. VelosBot will generate suggestions that align with your query.
4. /pin_coin <coin_id>
Objective: Pin a coin to your account to activate notifications. Notifications: Three alerts are distributed across different timeframes to afford you sufficient time to conduct independent research before investment. Note: Pinning is essential for receiving notifications.
5. /unpin_coin <coin_id>
Objective: Unpin a coin, thereby deactivating related notifications. Note: No further notifications will be sent after unpinning a coin.
6. /help
Objective: Provide a command list and details regarding VelosBot’s features.
7. /docs
Objective: Direct to the GitBook documentation.

Additional Information

While the commands are available for manual input, you may also leverage the menu located in the bottom-left section as an alternative navigation method.

Last modified 2mo ago